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About Debbie

Welcome to all!


My name is Deb Johnson and I am "IN THE DOGHOUSE DESIGNS". I've been sewing since childhood, but only discovered quilting in about 1998. Since that point I've had the pleasure of working and teaching in a quilt shop.


Designing patterns has now become an amazing adventure.

I give credit to good genes, and many years of creative experiences in 4-H, sewing my own wardrobe, lots of bridesmaids' dresses and theatrical costumes. Huge influences come from so many talented quilters in the Wichita area.


I love the variety of what I do. I like many styles of fabrics and quilts, and also enjoy embroidery. My heart's favorite, though, has always been a good old-fashioned sampler quilt!


At home I'm blessed to enjoy life with my husband, Emmett, and our three dogs - Micky (Scottie), Wylie Coyote (Cairn Terrier), and Rusty (Brittany Spaniel). Besides all the "boys" at home, I have a full time job.


Isn't quilting a great ride !!!!


Wishing you inspiration and joyful stitching.




Deb Johnson


Heartfelt thanks to the following for their support and inspiration:

Local quilt shop owners

My quilting bee

Fellow employees and teachers

Quilt shop customers/friends